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Community Acupuncture

We use points on the scalp and below the elbows and knees to treat the entire body, so there’s no need to undress – just remove your shoes and roll up your pants and sleeves. And yes, we can even address your back pain by treating your wrists.

You will be surrounded by other people quietly receiving treatment at the same time. Patients benefit many ways from the community setting. In our busy society, it is not often we stop and take time to relax while surrounded by our peers. This is not a lack of privacy but an opportunity to experience treatment with family, friends and community. As with any intentional group endeavor, the shared state makes individual treatments more powerful. Here, the patients create the healing atmosphere as much as the practitioner.


Natural Pain and Stress Relief

Acupuncture is a beneficial way to help your body restore balance and heal.  From old injuries to new health concerns, we are trained to find the optimal way to help your body reconnect to your own Inner Healer.  Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management, Injury Rehabilitation, Pain and Inflammation, Insomnia, Auto-Immune Conditions, Stroke, Pain and Inflammation, Headaches, Migraine, PMS, Menopause,  Infertility and overall Health and Wellbeing. 


Stress Management

Managing daily stress can help you live your best life.  Acupuncture is a great way to balance your busy hectic life so you feel your best everyday!  Experience a Strong Immune System and Stress Resiliency.  We can also help with Curbing Addictions and Healthy Actions Toward Goals.  Stop Smoking, End Opioid Dependance, Sugar Cravings, Make Healthy Choices.


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Paradise Community Acupuncture

6407 Skyway, Paradise, California 95969, United States

(530) 451-6700



By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment

we now have 2 offices 

Chico and Paradise